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Why Clean Energy

Every year, wind projects pay
to governments and private landowners

By 2050, wind energy could save
(yes, that’s 13 TRILLION) tons of greenhouse gases. About 4,678,000 automobiles’ worth.

In 2018 clean energy employed
Americans, outnumbering fossil fuels 3 to 1

Why Scout?

in total investment by 2020

earned by Scout landowners

average US Homes powered, annually

Frequently Asked Questions

A new GE 2x turbine will have a sound pressure level of 43 decibels at a distance of 300 meters. To put that in context, a refrigerator typically runs at around 40 decibels.

Yes, we have a guaranteed minimum payment in the wind lease. The landowner receives this money whether or not the wind turbine on their property is generating electricity. If a landowner does not receive a wind turbine they will still receive their portion of the community rent through the life of the project.

In most of our contracts, Scout has 6 years to build the project. If we do not build the project by the end of this period then the wind lease expires and the landowner keeps the money. If we build the project then most of our leases have 30-35 year operations term.

A Reclamation and Removal Bond will be issued for the project to ensure the removal of the wind facilities.

Utility-scale wind facilities leave 98-99% of a property owner's surrounding land free for other uses such as farming, ranching, wildlife habitat, and recreation.