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A story 4.5 billion + 3 years old.
By “Scouting the Frontiers of Renewable Energy” we are the pioneers of renewable project development. We Scout out the best opportunities for siting wind, solar and battery storage projects throughout the USA. We go where the wind blows, the sun shines, and markets demand cleaner cost-effective energy.

Bringing a renewable energy project to life is a long and technical processs. We combine market analysis, site assessment, engineering, meteorology, and finance and construction know-how to turn a concept into reality. Partnering with our landowners and energy buyers we make sure that your interests are forefront.

When your goal is to tackle some of the planet’s biggest problems, the way you do things is as important as the result. We maintain the highest ethical standards in our work and strive to deliver projects that deliver environmental, social and governance goals.

When we Scout the horizon, we see a world where our energy comes from the wind and the sun, our skies are clearer, and our communities are powered by renewable income. Whether you are driven to help the climate, clean the air, or drive economic growth in your community there is a place for you in a Scout Clean Energy project.

A Scout Project is Born

Three things we care about: Community Sustainability Safety

Clear Vision

Scout’s goals are aligned with the global
UN Sustainability Goals, specifically:


Provide Affordable Clean Energy


Support Decent Work and Economic Growth


Build and maintain Innovation and Infrastructure


Build and maintain assets to support Sustainable Cities and Communities


Take direct Climate Action, and, more broadly..


Support the growth in clean energy to help wider issues


Scout has committed to the Equator Principles standard for determining, assessing and managing environmental and social risk.


Under Construction

Meet Scout

150+ people
3 million vertical ft. skied annually

Our team brings decades of renewable wind, solar energy, and storage experience, specializing in leasing, permitting, interconnection, power marketing, finance, asset management and construction.

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